• Belmont Jameson Large Cabinet


  • Steel. Black finish. wood, dark honey finish. Belmont jameson large cabinet.
    • Width: 36 1/2"
    • Depth: 16"
    • Height: 82 3/4"
    Based on 17th and 18th century statement pieces that recall the grandeur of the world's great hotel and fable mansions of a bygone era, the eclectic Belmont Collection is stately in dimension and design. Intricate carvings, sinuous turnings and old-world details are made right for today by master craftsmen. The hand finish of each piece in a raw, matte grey beautifully balances the luxurious scale of the furnishings and accessories.
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  • Belmont jameson large cabinet
  • Belmont jameson large cabinets
  • Belmont Jameson Large Cabinet

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