• Euro Style Cabrio Desk

    Euro Style

  • Visually arresting and really unique. The available surfaces are walnut, wenge or high gloss white. The legs are all tempered glass, a very clever twist that makes these tables stand out. Face the table from any side, one of the legs will show you a wide stance and the other will be narrow. It sounds like a small detail, but it is an absolutely essential design statement. Very smart.

    Walnut, wenge or high gloss white. 12mm thick clear tempered glass legs. Requires assembly.  2 boxes.

    W: 51.5"   D: 27.5"   H: 29.5"  

    Manufactured by Euro Style: The innovative and stylish concepts from the Euro Style design team require a high standard of quality and workmanship – and the use of the best materials. Euro Style's philosophy has remained consistent: to offer the customers the best possible style and design, at the best possible price, quality and value.

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  • Euro Style Cabrio Desk
  • Euro Style Cabrio Desk

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