Brave Space Flat Hollow Dining Chair

Brave Space

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The Dining Chair has a matching hollow thru-space below the seat. Ergonomic half-circle cutaway shapes on the seat and backing surface add comfort and expose a contrasting grain direction in the bamboo material. The smooth surface is treated with an organic herbal oi and a durable non-toxic water based finish.
Features:Hollow Interior Storage.  100% Solid Bamboo. Stylish Ergonomic Cutaways in Seat and Back. Surface Detailing Optional.

17" W x 23" D x 33" H.     17"SH.

About Brave Space: Brave Space is a design and build furniture company that produces sustainable products and furnishings for the home and office. Dedicated to providing quality, high-end furniture the designers at Brave Space draw from a common set of influences reflecting a style that is playful and modern. Our hands-on approach to the design and construction of each piece has greatly influenced our material choices and has led us towards the use of materials that are both durable and environmentally sustainable.