Contract Seating

Welcome to the Contract Seating Collection.  Seating in this collection is rated for commercial use in a public area. The chairs, benches and stools in this collection can be used in restaurants and hotel rooms. These pieces are sturdy enough to be used in a commercial application.  Of course they will excel in lower traffic situation like a home or office. Materials used are tested for abrasion and strength and deemed acceptable for this application by the manufacturer.  We are confident that regardless of setting up a business or wanting a higher quality product for your home, 2b mod has the right selection!
Over the years we have provided pieces for hotels and stores. In the Arizona area our pieces have been used in the W Hotel rooms and work areas and Neiman Marcus and Sacks 5th Ave. store's showrooms, just to name a few examples.  Contract grade seating is a very important aspect of furnishing a public space. As client's safety is a paramount, these pieces are tested for weight limits, and submitted to extra stress to make sure they are commercially viable.  Please contact the shop at for specific questions about weight limits and materials. Happy Shopping! 

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