Lewis Interiors Table Lamp

Lewis Interiors

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Perfect for adding a touch of style while they light up a room, table lamps are versatile, space-conscious lighting fixtures – and we can't get enough of them!   This beautifully handcrafted table lamp will accentuate any space with it's throwback linear design, soft curves, and quality craftsmanship.  A simple white shade diffuses the light to accent the texture of the grey tweed, while casting it's sculptural legs in a rich glow. Featuring handcrafted tripod legs, we use only prime cuts of pine to emphasize the gorgeous deep grain of the wood. Our perfectly upholstered cylinder base is created using our high-quality Lewis Interiors Classic Collection tweed. 

10 x 21"H .  

Lewis Interiors is proud to be family owned and operated mid century modern furniture designers led by the incredibly talented "Lewis Brothers", Ted and John.   In addition to being very skilled furniture craftsmen, both Ted and John are also expert upholsterers and refurbishers. Their handcrafted custom furniture designs are very well-received from our clients worldwide, and definitely keep the shop busy! To add to the hustle and bustle around here, Ted and John got into the hobby of buying and selling vintage goods about 10 years ago, which has turned into quite the business itself!