sofa beds

With a passion for modern design, 2b mod continues to bring our clients something new every time. Reserving maximum attention to detail, functionality and aesthetics, we work hard to curate our modern furniture collection for the ease of the modern home maker.
Simple yet classy is what defines the contemporary style. Taking inspiration from that, we combine the comfort of a bed and the sophistication of a sofa all rolled into one for you to excavate maximum benefit from our contemporary sofa beds.  
This collection is exclusively made for the contemporary home where style is just as important as usability. Without compromising any, we bring to you a range of modern sofa beds that you can display in your bedroom or living room. We strive to lend you options and greater flexibility with each of our creations!
The modern home oozes understated brilliance and that is just what our sofa beds aim to do. Instead of stuffing your home with furniture, we follow the adage ‘less is more’. The two in one sofa beds not only look classy but relay twofold benefits. Sprawl on this comfortable bed at night and retreat it to serve as an elegant sofa all day long.
Our Sofa Beds are a fine product of excellent craftsmanship, elegant designs as well as usefulness for the modern home. Taking into consideration space constraints, they easily fit in compact rooms as well. Instead of investing in a simple sofa, opt for these awsome multipurpose sofa beds in a range of styles made for the modern home-and the smart home maker!
Available in a variety of materials with the ability to perform a plethora of functions, our modern sofa beds are reliable and long lasting. With the added option of colors from elegant white to royal blue, you can choose the one that gels well with the color scheme of your home.  We love Innovation Furniture and recommend you take a look at their collection of sofa beds. Happy Shopping!

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