Acrila Phone and Tablet Lamp


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This lamp is minimalist and gorgeous! The base's functional design allows you to have a place to stash your phone while still keeping it within hand's reach, whether you decide to place the lamp next to your sofa for easy access while relaxing at home, or in your kitchen so that you can keep an eye on the tricky recipe you're trying out!

Size: W: 30 H: 59 D: 30

About  Acrila: Since 2007, Acrila has imposed its name as an essential actor in design and contemporary acrylic furniture. Acrila has mastered the manufacturing process to print unique designs onto acrylic, to offer unique product ranges. Our creations subtly play with shapes, images, transparency and light for a daring take on interior furnishing.  Available in 55 countries around the world, Acrila has become a reference for interior design professionals in the contemporary furniture market.