Bina Leo 4 Door Console


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Bina Leo 4 Door Console: Colors: Antiqued Brass, Silver Leaf, Natural Peroba, Natural Peroba. Materials: Iron, Glass, Peroba.

W: 83.5" H: 23.75" D: 17.5"

 A beautiful collection of sustainable furniture that is hand-crafted from exotic demolition hardwoods as well as white oak and black walnut. Designed by Thomas Bina, a groundbreaking designer in the realm of sustainable harvesting and reclaimed woods, the brand is one of a kind. No two pieces are exactly alike. …the materials guarantee it. The juxtaposition of patinas with rough and refined wood lend the furniture a sense of history without ever seeming outdated. Each piece will fit into a variety of settings-imbuing a sense of antiquity into a contemporary abode or a dash of modernism into a rustic country home.