Colibri Newood Coffee Table

Colibri Lifestyle

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Metal frame transformable table, gas adjustable height from cm 23 to cm 80, synchronised telescopic extension mechanism, wooden top and extensions.‎  Coffee/Dining table from 6 to 10 people.

D29,9 x W49,6/ 71,3/ 92.9" x H9 to 31.5"

Colibri Art Design was established already twelve years by enthusiasts of decorative objects and furniture. Their curiosity led him to travel the world in search of favorite, object and furniture to offer you that will create unique interiors. Today, Colibri has become a lifestyle. The company offers now lot of various products in her collection. It is also constantly evolving! Our officials are still trying to find, regardless of the country, products that will satisfy the tastes and desires of each.