Conmoto Traveltime Fireplace


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Inspired by concept of portable fire, which is now possible with bio alcohol fireplaces, the design group Studio Vertijet came up with the steel suitcase fireplace. Travelmate can be used indoors, outdoors and on all solid surfaces.
Dimensions: 20" x 28" w x 8" d, 55 lbs. Powder-coated steel, borosilicate safety glass with magnets. Stainless steel fuel reservoir, adjustable flame aperture, capacity 1-litre. Burn time 2-3.5 hours.

20" x 28" w x 8" d.

Founded only ten years ago, Conmoto has become a leader in fireplace and tool design. “Love Burns” not just out of passion, but because it is a creative force. Working in partnership with designers such as Carsten Gollnick, Fried Ulber and Studio Vertijet, as well as its own team of engineers, Conmoto products have won the Good Design, iF, Reddot and other notable awards for innovative indoor or outdoor bio-alcohol fire-places and classic accessories.  In addition, Conmoto produces a line of outdoor furniture they call “Love Grows,” fostered out of the same desire to improve the enjoyment of every moment of life in and outdoors.