Control Brand Tiffany Floor Lamp

Control Brand

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A remarkable combination of traditional ideas and new inspiration, the Queen Elizabeth is sure to pique your curiosity. The styling is most unusual – it is based on a time-honored lamp shade silhouette and a curvaceous base – but with a brand new, truly modern sensation. The twist lies in the arrangement of the lamps into a cluster to create a fantastical contemporary chandelier which refers to the past, but looks boldly towards the future. Likewise, the individual table lamp also manages to be extraordinary with its high gloss finish emphasizing the elaborate and shapely base. Size: 62 1/8"H x 10 1/4"Dia Material: PVC, Carbon Steel Color: Chrome Bulb: E27 1 x 100W (Bulb Is Not Included) (Partial Assembly Required)

Control Brand is small design house with a simple aim: to put premium quality products within the reach of everyone.  From the quiet sophistication of Control Brand's sofas to the subtle confidence of their wall clocks, there is a timeless, understated quality reflected in a Control Brand product which owes much to it's roots. Designed at Control Brand's Studio in Farmingdale , NY.