J&M Premium Acrylic Wall Art - Motorcycle

J&M Furniture

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Some find  the feeling of freedom that stems from no  restrictions and nobody holding you back a necessity, others prefer the excitement in the adrenaline rush
that follows.

Wall art is a wonderful way to complement your room’s style or add that conversation piece you’ve been looking for. J&M is proud to introduce the Wall Art Collection which is exclusively printed through a state of the art process onto the acrylic, as  opposed to glued onto the acrylic. From depictions of some of the most breathtaking places to stunning still photography, there are plenty of inspirational pieces in a variety of different styles, sizes and color palettes to choose from.

Imbue your decor with a touch of the wild with this wall art.  With the specific color palettes included in this wall art, you will be able to bring a sense of simplicity to your room along with a cleanness vibe.

47" x 31".