Kestrel Balance Stool

Euro Style

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Fun, fun, functional! Kestrel Balance Stools sport a comfy upholstered seat on top of a sturdy base meant to keep you rocking and rolling. The nylon and TPU base is specially designed to mimic the dynamic movement of a balance ball chair in a smaller
  • Upholstered fabric over foam seat and black leatherette
  • Sturdy nylon base
  • Can be used as a footstool or small ottoman
  • Height17.3"Depth / Length16.2"Width16.2"
Manufactured by Euro Style: The innovative and stylish concepts from the Euro Style design team require a high standard of quality and workmanship – and the use of the best materials. Euro Style's philosophy has remained consistent: to offer the customers the best possible style and design, at the best possible price, quality and value.