Kubikoff Dimple ZigZag POP Chair


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The Dimple Pop seat is made to be put to the test, and manages to combine high quality, and functionality, with a unique determination. "Pop" is lined entirely by hand, with attention to small details. The Pop shell is padded with a resistant and high resilient foam sg 45 kg/m3. The shell upholstery is in eco-leather, wool flannel fabric, fabric and leather. The cover can be removed. The lining is smooth, for a simple, classy look with a strong personality. Pop suits all tastes and all kinds of environments, and is resistant to intensive use.

The ZigZag base harmoniously combines the warmth of the ash wood, with the cool colours of the metal inserts. ZigZag delights with its unusual combinations, and has the ability to create a contrast in materials which, thanks to an extreme attention to details, creates an essential and refined design.

Simple and sturdy, the ZigZag Dimple Pop chair is a breath of fresh air to any enivironment, be it classic or modern.Ideal for those looking for a fresh, original piece.

20.5" W | 23.2" D | 33.5" H | Arm height: 24" | Seat height: 18.3"

Shells: Grey fabric, black eco leather, grey eco leather in stock. Bases: Walnut, natural ash, black wood. Black, white metal crosses in stock.