Modfire Tablefire Fireplace


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All the style. Half the size. Our Tablefire is an exact 1/2 scale replica of our Urban Campfire. At 2′ tall it provides the same design presence to your table top that our larger Modfire products give your outdoor space. It burns an eco-friendly, clean burning gel fuel the is safe for indoor or outdoor use.

Indoor or outdoor use.

The Tablefire comes in all of our standard finishes (see drop-down below for options) and is fabricated from 20 gauge steel. Each one is hand-rolled into a sleek cone designed to both direct the heat and provide a beautiful modern centerpiece for your table. Each one is finished in the Modfire studio by one of our steel artisans. Seams are welded and smoothed, the distinctive openings are hand-formed, and the finish is applied. Each Tablefire is unique and will have slight variations in size and finishing. In general, they measure 11" in diameter at the base, 4" at the top and stand 24". Average weight is about 10 lbs. The tablefire comes in Natural Steel or any of our color finishes: Ultra-lounge White, Avocado, Azure, Maraschino, or Tangerine. Each one includes several layers of high-temperature paint to protect the steel and provide a vibrant finish.

About Modfire: Modfire is the dream of two friends from Indiana, Brandon Williams and Marty Young. Although they grew up no more than 20 miles apart, Brandon and Marty met for the first time when they were living in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago in 2005. They bonded over their similar histories growing up in small town Indiana and shared dreams of building a business focused on beautiful design.