Modloft Harley Table Lamp


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Table lamps don't have to be boring. In fact, they can be statement pieces, like the Harley. Trust us, you won’t want to shove this beauty in a corner of any room. Instead, put it in a place of honor where it can be viewed and appreciated by all. Not to be satisfied in simple form, the Harley boasts five walnut circles, each cut out and fitted with a sphere bulb. The dramatic curves of the light sphere and its surrounding circles will feel right at home in a variety of decor styles.

16 DIA x 15H   

About Modloft: The story of Modloft originates in Venice, Italy where we began importing and distributing the very best contemporary furniture. Soon after, they set out to reinvent the brand into a different image - a unique blend of urban modern style with practical affordability. They aspired to create a lower priced alternative to modern furniture for urban dwellers seeking to live "modern on a budget". The result was an affordable European quality collection inspired from New York style lofts and today's smaller living spaces.
Passion and dedication are what move the people behind the Modloft brand to reach a singular goal: To make quality modern furniture available to the budget-minded shopper.