Question Objects - Artic Shoreline Vertical Dresser - 6 Drawer

Question Objects

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The 6-Drawer Vertical Dresser is (typically) for those that need to store a lot … in a little space. At 53” in height and with six drawers, this cabinet can store a surprising amount. Deceivingly simple with a modernist reference, the tapered solid wood drawer fronts have allowed us to mill a subtle and silky smooth groove into the underside of each drawer face – Smart, elegant and honest … Yes, just like you.

Dimensions: 53”h x 19.5”d x 26”w.  

Question Objects was formed in 2007 by Tim Antoniuk, professor of Furniture Design at the University of Alberta, and the previous co-owner/founder of the Hothouse Group of Companies. Constantly questioning all aspects of our material and man-made world, how and why tastes and trends mutate over time, and how product stories are formed through the careful re/organization of subtle patterns and visual codes, the ultimate goal of Question is to express relevance in the images, materials and forms that we offer our clients. We hope you enjoy our products …