Question Objects - Landscape Vertical Dresser - 6 Drawer

Question Objects

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Through few people may ever think deeply about why certain things are beautiful, Tim is a firm believer that beauty comes from details – What they are, how they organized, and where they are (meaningfully) placed. With this perspective in mind, the 6-Drawer Dresser plays off of the verticality of trees, how moss and ‘disk’ fungus grow on the sides of trees, and how endless layers of beauty can be seen the closer you look at a tree. All poetry aside, this cabinet can hold a truly large volume of cloths within its anagalyptic covered drawer boxes.

Dimensions: 54.5”h x 19.5”d x 25.75”w.  

Question Objects was formed in 2007 by Tim Antoniuk, professor of Furniture Design at the University of Alberta, and the previous co-owner/founder of the Hothouse Group of Companies. Constantly questioning all aspects of our material and man-made world, how and why tastes and trends mutate over time, and how product stories are formed through the careful re/organization of subtle patterns and visual codes, the ultimate goal of Question is to express relevance in the images, materials and forms that we offer our clients. We hope you enjoy our products …