Rotoluxe Tubbie Lighted Planter - Outdoor


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Show off your biggest and most extravagant plants with a Tubbie. Make a statement with it's stylish contemporary design in public and private spaces. This sturdy shape is perfect for any job. Please note this item has a water drain and it is suitable for outdoor applications. 

  • SKU 10028
  • DIAMETER 24 (in.)
  • WIDTH 24 (in.)
  • HEIGHT 24 (in.)
  • PLANT SIZE 3-5 gallons
  • CAVITY DIAMETER 15 (in.)
  • CAVITY DEPTH 13 (in.

About Rotoluxe: The idea for the Rotoluxe family has been in the process for over 10 years. The idea was to bring a clean contemporary look and style to the world that is also environmentally friendly. The product and service we provide is built around the "Cradle to Cradle" mentality. We proved the most value and style out of our products while leaving the least amount of waste behind.

This translates from our manufacturing process and handling of the product. All products use recycled content, black parts are 100% recycled (post industrial/consumer plastics), and can be 100% recycled back. We pride ourselves in running an operation that not only provides a stylish experience, but also a clean and safe work environment for our employees. We use low watt CFL/LED lighting to give off the signature Rotoluxe ambient glow.

A fresh and simple yet sensible designed sustainable future. The Rotoluxe name is for luxury, style and sustainability, because going green does not mean you have to compromise design.

This item can also be ordered with a solid top to be used as a table as shown on some pictures (special order - please call 480-941-8192 to order)