Temahome Ivy Bookcase


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Most of the time, larger elements are the ones to be noticed first in a room. However, every now and then, elements stand out not for their size, but for their visual innovation. While designing the IVY, the focus was to achieve the rare balance between true functionality and visual impact. The layout of the IVY is an invitation to experiment with diversity and originality providing a path to new possibilities. The essence of this piece is its crazy atmosphere, where accents are in a constant dance of organized/disorganized visuals creating an effect unique to the eye. Its forms inspire a kaleidoscope of space and time. Because of its modular casing, you can extend the IVY to almost any width you need creating an effect not to be found in any other storage solution. When used as s room divider, its geometric lines created a different mood according to the light incidence. Wood veneer over MDF. Made in Portugal.
TemaHome produces a line of contemporary furniture and decorative accents combining modern lines and award winning designs by some of the most respected Portuguese designers and is the largest Portuguese exporter of wood furniture. With the slogan "Living Your Dreams," TemaHome designers focus on individuality, realizing that people and their needs are different.

Dimensions:  H80 x W35 x D6 in.   8 week ETA.