adjustable stools

Planning to renovate your kitchen? Add one thing that will give your home or kitchen a contemporary look. Please browse through our selection of adjustable stools in the seating collection. From genuine leather to wood, stainless steel and more, the range of materials is wide and the designs are phenomenal. Our modern adjustable stools introduce an artistic appeal to the space, whether placed at your personal bar, near counter tops, kitchen islands, at your makeshift dining table or for that celebratory toast in your office.
Our adjustable stools designs are carefully selected and have been to acquiesce to our modern day customers’ demands. Our collection is brought to you by selected modern brands that offer high quality products. The stools in this selection have an adjustable height of approximately 30 inches at the seat and there are more to match your desired height.  Some will go as low as dining height. Please inquire. They will easily adjust from counter to bar. Some have a piston mechanism and others have a simple adjustable screw mechanism.  Materials and finishes: Along with the classic black and white colors, our adjustable stools are also available in nude and bright colors in various artistic designs (As Acrila) . For open concept designs, we offer hydraulic stools that match your dining chairs (Sohoconcept) and can be placed in any entertainment area.We pride ourselves in providing our customers the best designs in modern furniture available to the US market. 
For us, providing a mere seat of comfort is not the only thing that matters.  Whether you are looking for an industrial set, an elegant one or a funky duo to liven up your décor: 2b mod offers a wide range of adjustable stools for those who like to keep it comfy with a dab of style and allure.

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