Welcome to the stools collection. Here you will find all bar, counter, and other stools together. For high stools please check the bar stools and counter stools menu. If you need  adjustable stools we also have a great selection. For low or foot stools check the low stools collection.  

What kind of of stool do I need ? :  It is important to know the exact height of the work surface.  Counter tops are around 36 – 34 inches high and a proper stool seat should be around 24-26” H.  Bars are higher at 40-42”H. Please measure from the floor to the edge of the seat. Allowing from  12 to the 10 inches for leg space. It is important to consider the work surface’s overhang and the thickness of the top. If the space between the seat and the lowest edge of the top is less that 10 inches, then an adjustable height stool should be considered. The same applies for custom height tops that are not around the standard heights: counter height (34-36”H) – Bar Height (40-42”H) .  Please email with your questions:  Happy Shopping!

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