floor lamps

Floor lamps are an essential component of any well appointed interior.  Wherever a tall source of light is needed, a floor lamp should be considered.  They typically occupy a small space making them popular beside sofas and lounge chairs. Use them in pairs to frame an area. If you need diffused light in a room or ambiance light , the go for a torchiere type. These type of floor lamps are designed to cast light onto the ceiling and create a really warm effect. 

Regarding materials, floor lamps come in a wide variety of designs: from polished chrome to rustic iron.  Styles vary from bahaus, mid century modern to contemporary. There is also a good share of industrial and rustic chic lamps that will modernize any conservative interior. 

It is important to chose the desired lighting effect when designing the room.  There should be an balanced placement of the lamps to achieve the best effect. For a diffused light effect (warm) choose a floor lamp with a shade. The light emitted by the bulb is filtered and softened by the shade for a warmer result. Alternatively, choose a traditional drum light for a combination of both effects! Please email orders@2bmod.com for any questions. Happy Shopping! 

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