table lamps

 Proper lighting is one of the most important aspects of interior design. Table lamps are usually needed next to seating areas and work surfaces and they are indispensable in the bedroom and over nightstands.  It is also important to know what is the desired lighting effect when designing the room.  There should be an balanced placement of the lamps to achieve the best effect. 

If direct light is needed, then you should consider a task lamp to achieve the best results.  Task lamps are table lamps designed to cast a controlled, focused beam of light onto surface. Task lamps are usually bendable or adjustable. This feature is very important when adjusting the light to avoid a hot spot (direct light in the eyes while working). At the same time, they can be pointed to the ceiling for a warm light effect. 

For a diffused light effect ( warm) choose a table lamp with a shade. The light emitted by the bulb is filtered and softened by the shade for a warmer result. Alternatively, choose a traditional drum light for a combination of both effects. 
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