B&T Bleecker Bar Stool


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B&T is an example of a harmonious combination of fabric and metal. Cozy and soft fabric or leather wrapped gently with contrasting steel frame throughout. The uninterrupted frame creates a unique form by framing the seating area. The static paint color chosen for the skeleton and the choice of fabric in the living area allows visualization of the design conception of the room in which it is used. As a product that can respond to different design concepts in restaurants and cafes, it is a chair that will be indispensable for co-working spaces. Multi-layer plywood seating area padded with commercial grade foam and frames with solid steel wire. Artificial, natural leather and all fabric options among B&T’s graded in catalog are approved for this chair. Steel frame is produced in matte and bright chrome or static paint colors on the B&T standard metal colors. In particular, felt and static color matching make Bleecker unique. In an office it can be located around the meeting tables, while could be matched with the Polo, Slot and Medal tables in a cafeteria setting or in a contemporary dining room. It is also a must-have chair for common areas as public seating.

  • Currently available for custom orders only. ETA 10-12 . 
22.5" w | 22.5" d | 41.8" h | 30" seat height .  Click Here for Materials.  Enter fabric code in the field provided above.