B&T Cube Loveseat - High Back


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When you need to rest for short time, when you need to get refreshed in little more private seat, cube is a great option for that. Especially high back version is better in privacy and style. Cushions can be ordered in same fabric with frame or in different fabric. If two high back Cube sofas placed face to face, that will create a nice looking small meeting space. The softened pillars like in the Cube Sofa offer a comfortable session to the user in a clearly defined volume.

In crowded environments for projects, it is recommended to create special meeting areas that will provide sound insulation and privacy. It allows employees to be emancipated in the office. It makes it easier to design spaces for individual or group time.

 Inches 56w | 28d | 48.5h | 16.5sh.    Special order only. Lead time 8-10 weeks.