B&T Heron Dining Chair - Diamond Base


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It is the family of a chair who emulates the contribution made by the miraculous Greek mathematician Heron of moving platforms. The revolving mechanism in the center and the iconic feet touching the ground reveal a unique and confident design. Among the B&T products, one of the first to come to mind for comfort. This chair, which differs from the sculptured shell, is the reason for preference due to the new generation of footwork. Each foot type responds to the needs of different space or different styling. A Heron with a rotating mechanism and a solid foot can easily find a place in the meeting room, while spider foot option can be preferred in waiting areas. For ease and comfort, Heron is a reflection of B&T's expertise and aesthetic understanding of rich surface finishes.

ETA 10-12 weeks. Special order.  

Inches 19.7" w | 24.8" d | 33" h | Seat 17.3"h.