Blanket Bench

The Iron Roots Designs

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The Minimalist Leather Bench brings comfort and beauty to your home. With this simple Scandinavian design the genuine leather weaves seamlessly into the hardwood bench Whether at the kitchen table, living room, or entryway, this modern bench radiates refined comfort and warmth in a home.

Each bench is built to individually as a collaborative between The Iron Roots Designs and Portland leatherworker, Wolves Leather. Made from gorgeous and sturdy New England Hard Maple which is hand-finished with several coats of natural oils and waxes for a warm and safe luster.The leather is hand cut from 11-12oz thick Herman Oak leather. Each piece is individually custom dyed with Fiebings professional oil dyes. Afterwards, the leather is conditioned with neatsfoot oil and then is waxed with locally sourced beeswax. To protect against moisture it is finished using an acrylic leather sheen. 

Dimensions: Width: 11 in. Height: 16 in. Length: 48 in.