Control Brand Tiffany Wall Sconce

Control Brand

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The Tiffany wall sconce is an impressive reinterpretation of baroque shapes and a proof for how well baroque opulence and splendor can harmonize with plain, contemporary design. The Tiffany totally passes on embellishments and ornaments and focuses instead on color, shape and structure. The Tiffany is dominated by a high and rather slender lamp body in porcelain. It looks like a precious vase or urn with its bold curves and glossy surface. The plain conical textile shade is a strong contrast to the radiant lamp body and underlines its boldness in matt white or black and metallic gold or silver. The same series includes also a larger table lamp and lights for wall and ceiling.

Size: 31.50"H X 9.00"W X 10.63"D

Control Brand is small design house with a simple aim: to put premium quality products within the reach of everyone.  From the quiet sophistication of Control Brand's sofas to the subtle confidence of their wall clocks, there is a timeless, understated quality reflected in a Control Brand product which owes much to it's roots. Designed at Control Brand's Studio in Farmingdale , NY.