Kubikoff Angel Contract Base V9 Chair


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The Angel base is so light, it looks like it could be swept in the breeze. The feet are in plexiglass, giving the illusion that it is hovering. A touch of originality for an ethereal design, with its feet firmly planted in the ground, and its head in the clouds.
The illusion of weightlessness of the “Angel” base, combines perfectly with the modern design of the seat, inspired by the speed of racing cars. Angel Contract Dimple Closed is an ergonomic, and functional chair, that will drive energy into any contract setting.
The V9 shell is made of plastic material that is colored through and through and UV-resistant. As a result, the chair stays nice for a long time and always retains its color even with prolonged exposure to sunlight. The metal base is also neatly finished with a matte powder coating. This gives the chair a modern touch.

Dimensions: 20.5" W x 23.2" D x 33.5" H | Seat height: 18.3".

Availability for Quick ship: Shells: White, black. Metal Bases: Black.