LINVIN Little Prince of Love Ottoman


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Using the same whimsical design and composition attributes that compliment the Design of Love collection, the LITTLE PRINCE of LOVE ottoman is the perfect companion to the Queen of Love Armchair. The LITTLE PRINCE of LOVE is a versatile piece that will survive equally well indoors and outdoors. 

The seat and base are modular, allowing for a mix and match option to achieve any combination of available colors. Buy two or more LITTLE PRINCE of LOVE ottomans in any color and have fun creating your own masterpiece.

Size: 21″ x 21″ x 17″.        Weight: 17 lbs.

About LINVIN: Established in 2009, Linvin is the US and Canadian distributor for the Design of Love collection and is the sister company of Fabulous & Baroque along with other finer brands and products. LINVIN is fast on its way to quickly becoming a leader in the high end, eclectic furnishings. Graziano and Renato Moro Pigatto have loved beauty since they were born. As a result, the two natural born perfectionists were inevitably led into the world of fashion. Their collaboration as owners of fashion design houses helped them acquire considerable know-how in this field. Their creativity gave birth to many of the most important phenomena of the fashion world during the 1990’s and early 2000’s, always characterized by a spirit of irony. The two designers’ communication skills are expressed in all aspects of their lifestyle, filling it with their natural enthusiasm.