Modfire Fireplace - Base Unit


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Our base unit for our Modfire is a clean, elegant solution that hides a standard propane tank and allows you to showcase the fire on top. A rear door allows easy tank replacement and a removable external key controls gas flow for added safety and convenience. Compatible as a base unit for both Modfire and Solfire models. Available in Charcoal and Snow white finish.

Size: 24.5" diameter, 20" tall, 50 lbs.

About Modfire: Modfire is the dream of two friends from Indiana, Bra ndon Williams and Marty Young. Although they grew up no more than 20 miles apart, Brandon and Marty met for the first time when they were living in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago in 2005. They bonded over their similar histories growing up in small town Indiana and shared dreams of building a business focused on beautiful design.