Modfire Tikifire Outdoor Fireplace


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Four years in the making! The Tikifire is your very own God of Fire, this collaboration with the ever enthusiastic Jon Arviu was launched at Tiki Oasis and was a huge hit. The Tikifire is an epic combination of Tiki Culture and Mid-Century Modern It's a perfect blend of style and function that compliments and elevates your outdoor space, and at 4' tall, its majestic presence will ward off all evil spirits and keep the right kind of spirits flowing. Want to up your Tiki game? A Tikifire with turn our place into a festive Polynesian paradise.

If you are purchasing a Propane model, be sure to consider our Modpod. It stylishly hides your fuel tank and doubles as a mod side table.

Fuel types: Natural Gas or Propane
(Natural Gas and Propane models come with our 55,000 BTU 6" Ring Burner)

Size (approx): 22" base diameter, 9" top diameter, 48" tall, 65 lbs.

About Modfire: Modfire is the dream of two friends from Indiana, Bra ndon Williams and Marty Young. Although they grew up no more than 20 miles apart, Brandon and Marty met for the first time when they were living in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago in 2005. They bonded over their similar histories growing up in small town Indiana and shared dreams of building a business focused on beautiful design.